As a biotechnology group company,Xipu has always been committed to providing customers with quality products and services,And predigestion of feed materials by biotechnology.

We firmly believe that biotechnology will inject new vitality into green ecological breeding. In the 1990s, China's animal husbandry and feed industry was in its initial stage of development. Therefore, a dream and ambition of the enterprise "Xipu",set sail in China's feed industry, based on the application of modern biological engineering technology, to expand and strengthen the core business of feed raw material pre-digestion processing, improve feed economic benefits, practice the cause of non-resistant breeding.

As long as you are in the right track, you are not afraid of facing difficult. No matter how difficult the promotion of microbial technology is, we never give up, because we believe in the power of "integrity, never give up". Founded 24 years ago, Xipu always adheres to the enterprise mission of "Starting at the source: Purification in human food chains".

Xipu vision: to become a globally respected biotechnology company. Towards the goal, xipu people will start their career journey with tireless spirit of innovation. In the course of the road, we take "integrity, never give up" spirit of enterprise, abide by the core values of "safety, friendship, quality, innovation", create a strict internal and external control of the enterprise environment, to provide inexhaustible positive energy for the company to move forward.

Xipu , the leading manufacturer of pre digested feed materials .